Testimonials From Clients

"Meeting Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton was the most enjoyable day that I shared in a long time. This was the first time I participated in a medium reading and I recommend anyone that is interested in reaching a loved one to contact Lynn. She brought such joy to me when she's able to reach my mother, father, grandfather and my nephew/godchild that passed away in tragic accident at the age of 29.

I was able to connect and to validate what she was saying. She told me there was a young boy "holding his head he was hurt and it was fast." My loving nephew was an elevator mechanic and was in a tragic elevator accident. Lynn said many things I was able to validate through him, but most of all she told me that he said "She is like my mother, she is my Godmother." Chills go through me just thinking about it. We sat with Lynn for three hours, there were a couple of women that didn't believe but by the time we were done, they all Believers!! I was so amazed!! I invited Lynn to my home, so she can show my family and friends what an amazing woman she is. Thank you, Lynn for bringing joy to my heart."
Laura Frannicola, New Jersey

"The moment I saw you, I felt an immediate connection, and as you spoke to me with such sincerity, concern and love, I trusted completely in you. I walked away a new person, with hope, faith and belief that I did have specials Angels with me, watching me, guiding me and I deserved what is coming- much happiness and that I could let go of the sadness. I so needed you that day, and I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life. I truly believe that you are one of my very special Angels."- Angel F. in Pennsylvania

"You were out to my house a few months ago in Lindenhurst, L.I. and you just went up to my sisterís home in New Rochelle on Saturday. You saw my mom, who wasnít sure she wanted to attend, and gave her a beautiful reading. Everyone at the reading said how wonderful you were. Iím glad I sent them your information. I actually was going to join the group but couldnít at the last minute. I remembered what you said at the last reading, if someone was planning on coming and didnít, then they werenít meant to be there. I believe you are now going this Friday to my best friendís home in Tarrytown. I am so glad I met you and were able to pass your information on to my loved ones and friends because you make such a difference in peopleís lives. Thank you and God Bless!"

"I met Lynn by lucky accident one evening in Chicago in the summer of 2010. My mother died two years ago, and I've been hopeful that she would follow through on her promise to me to return - through a medium - to give me a sign. I met Lynn by accident...she gave me the gift of channeling my mom. My mother and I had worked out a code, skeptics that we were, to ensure that I would know it was her. When Lynn channeled my mom for me that night, she gave me the one specific detail that I was hoping to hear. It was an extraordinary moment that has sent me forward on my spiritual path. I am grateful to Lynn for her gift to me that night and for her beautiful, loving energy that she continues to share with me through a friendship that was initiated by our chance meeting." - Laura in Iowa City

Dear Lynn, There are no words to express the deep gratitude I have for the immeasurable amount of peace and serenity you have given to me and my mother. You speak of the Angels but to me you are an Angel. My mother was a completely new woman after her sister came thru you in Spirit. You healed her in a way that no doctor or therapist could. I am so grateful to have my mother back.. thank you from the bottom of my heart." Love Sophia

I was overwhelmed with my reading. Lynn connected with my Mom, Dad, my brother and my husband. Lynn told me my husband's ... nickname I called him - his way of letting me know it was him. What really blew my mind was when Lynn said my husband was telling her that I wore my wedding band on a chain around my neck after he had passed away. I got chills and tears in my eyes. I felt so good Lynn had brought me close to my husband again. Thank you so much Lynn! I have so much peace within in me now. Lynn is the best - she is the real deal. And what a wonderful and spiritual person she is. I love her with all my heart. I'm so glad she came into my life. And proud to call her my friend!

It has been my pleasure to watch Lynn grow into a pure clear channel. Her communication is consistent and comes right from the source. Her loving intentions are clear, and she has answered her calling to help others connect and heal" -Rev. Francine Milano

"From the moment I met Lynn, we connected and she shared her wonderful gift with me, she channeled my grandmother and has given me messages with evidence which has been very healing to me. Lynn has given me insights about myself that have been very helpful in my self growth & spirituality, what a great gift to me that I have met her."-Nickie South Dakota